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 Laboratorio de Microelectrónica Digital (curso 1999/2000)
  Digital Microelectronics Lab

YEAR: 1999/2000

Dr. Miguel Angel Aguirre Echánove
Dr. Jonathan Noel Tombs

PLEASE: Send us an e-mail if you download a project (just for control).

"Digital Microelectronics" course of  4th level  in Telecommunication Engineering Studies has a practical continuation  in 5th level with the "Digital Microelectronics Lab" course. Also in the 2nd level of Electronic Engineering, the Lab complements the course "Microelectronics" of the first level. During both courses students develop, in teams of no more than three persons, lab projects using hardware description languages, VHDL or verilog. The subjects of every project are proposed with open specifications by the theachers, and implemented during the course.

Every project is implemented using the Foundation Design flow 2.1i downloaded to the FPGA from Xilinx XC4010XL, using the Xess board XS40. We don't use the on-board microcontroller.

The following list presents the lab-title and a brief description of every project implemented during this course 1999/2000. There are links for downloading the work for analisys pourpose. Remember that they are academic works.

1. Image Filter (I). An Image filtering is made over data loaded into the on board RAM and presented on a VGA monitor.

2.  USB Port. A low speed USB port (basic development).

3.  IIC module. An IIC master-slave comunication link (Not full implemented).

4.  UART RS232. Serial port without modem lines.

5.  Screensaver for VGA (I). Image travels across the screen.

6.  Screensaver for VGA (II). Fire effect is presented in tha screen.

7.  Videogame. The old and very played tennis on a FPGA device. Needs four additional buttons.

8.  Codec MORSE (I). A well known MORSE link that can talk with somebody or another board and the PC with that protocol.

9.  Codec MORSE (II). A well known MORSE link that can talk with another XS40 board with that protocol (half duplex).

10. Image Filter (II). An Image halftone is performed over data loaded into the on board RAM and presented on a VGA monitor.

11. Basic Fuzzy Controler. A single-output fuzzy controller.

12. Temperature meter . Link  with Dallas DS1820 device with a one-wire protocol, the termperature is displayed in the on board display.

Some projects have been made using XS40-PC utility.


Gently donated the software Foundation 2.1i licenses and the development  board XS40.

Technical support and development of the XS40 board.