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FT-UNSHADES is a version of the UNSHADES concept dedicated to study Fault Tolerant Circuits and themeasurement of the robustness of a netlist against soft errors. It's based on the propietary method for inserting controlled modifications into the current state of the emulator device (VirtexII, XC2V4000, XC2V6000, xC2V8000) during execution time. Using this board and software, fault tolerance detailed analysis can be produced before IC fabrication

Latest news about this platform

This member was scheduled for Sept 2004. (Project is finished)

The project has been extended for LEON2 netlist testing (May 2005)

Project has been presented at MAPLD, Wanshington DC (USA), in Sept 2005 (Download.)

Datasheet can be downloaded through this link (2MB, your name and e-mail are requesteda as well): FT-UNSHADES datasheet.


Presentation of the Project at the European Space Agency (ESA/ESTEC 4th, 5th February, 2004)

Presentation can be downloaded through this link: FT-UNSHADES project.

Acknowledgements to companies and people for the success of the project

Xilinx support: Xilinx and Xilinx University Program.

Silica Avnet Iberia provided Cypress Memories and FPGA's: Avnet.

Facilities for soldering FF1152 packages and others: Technological and Chemical S.L..

Elatesa fabricated the FT-UNSHADES board: ELATESA.

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